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safe (1413256)artist:bobthedalek (804)sunburst (4622)atg 2019 (709)bipedal (26754)clothes (350570)covering (3315)embarrassed (8640)embarrassed nude exposure (1761)implied nudity (357)male (253145)messy mane (5744)newbie artist training grounds (4444)nudity (290990)panicking (110)robe (2425)socks (coat marking) (1179)stallion (71324)sunburst's robe (197)unicorn (197583)wardrobe malfunction (3882)we don't normally wear clothes (686)


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Background Pony #7F63
No, it’s just that equine penises (and many other animal penises) retract into a sheath when not aroused, so you can’t really tell how big or small a horse’s dick is unless you see it at full mast.
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Background Pony #C907
Starlight: "Here, I found a safety pin.
Sunburst: "Thanks. Um… can you help pick up my cloak? I don’t really want to bend over right now."
Starlight: "Fine. Here, let me just put it around you and—"
Stellar Flare: "Sunburst, are you in— OH!"
Sunburst: "Mom?! It’s not what it looks like!"
Stellar Flare: "I’m going to be a grandmother!"
Starlight: "No, I was just helping him!"
Stellar Flare: "Is that what you kids are calling it now?"
Sunburst: "Mom!"
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It has been theorized that Trixie was involved in this. I disagree, if Trixie was involved a pole would have appeared and "Unicorn Wizard" would be blasting out of nowhere.
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Dust Rock
Friendship, Art, and Magic (6 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.

Bounty Hunter Pony
Wow, can’t take humiliation well? Just accept that you’re wrong. No one will judge you. They might actually be flabbergasted that you would be acting more mature by accepting it.
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Comments30 comments posted