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The Copperpie Chronicles: Surprise Service (Part 1 of 2)  
Commissioned from RamboN7/MaxHooves.  
Based on >>1984866 and >>1998650.
Part 2 - >>2102246
explicit418196 artist:rambon7302 pinkie pie238896 oc838508 oc:copper plume550 comic:the copperpie chronicles45 comic:the copperpie chronicles - surprise service2 equestria girls234349 2 handfuls of dem hips1574 ass69983 balloonbutt5475 bedroom eyes72726 black bra280 black panties527 black underwear4231 blushing239341 bottomless15724 breasts344310 butt180226 butt grab3468 butt touch6318 canon x oc30635 chair10143 cleavage41101 clothed male nude female1801 clothes560765 comic124088 commission97071 commissioner:imperfectxiii528 converse6607 copperpie469 dialogue80568 female1606703 freckles36637 french maid261 garter belt4959 glasses77625 gloves25437 grope16900 high heels14593 lap dance121 leggings2679 lidded eyes39189 lip bite13733 looking back74285 looking over shoulder4432 maid7045 maid headdress692 male461101 mary janes1202 master1106 miniskirt5784 neckerchief2339 nipples212357 nudity453483 panties57735 panties around legs2618 panties pulled down4452 pants19067 partial nudity25538 ponytail22726 shirt32607 shoes49756 sitting78928 sitting on person1108 skirt48145 skirt lift5165 smiling332328 sneakers5909 stockings42131 straight159919 stripping739 stupid sexy pinkie950 thigh highs49001 thong7026 topless15761 underwear70986 undressing5976


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Background Pony #B1FC
I love that expression on Pinkie’s face on the second panel. She loves the compliment, but trying to stay in character.
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Échale vampiro
This OC is starting to grow on me, mostly because he does what I can just dream to do with my favorite pony from the mane 6.