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I did this a while back and I think it's time I post it here. Grogar seems to be shocked by how his fellow villains behaved at times. LOL He sees drunk Sombra, a questionable Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow annoying Tirek. LOL Enjoy!

Screencap is not owned by me. It's owned by Hasbro.
safe1584131 screencap205808 cozy glow6266 grogar1267 king sombra12782 lord tirek4854 queen chrysalis32660 centaur2661 changeling41149 changeling queen12778 pegasus246474 pony854642 unicorn272973 frenemies (episode)1469 the beginning of the end1982 caption19085 chat bubble63 female1181472 filly59808 funny3743 funny face295 image macro35873 male323387 ram613 shocked5931 text51888


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