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ghiaccio :D possibly my fave member of la squadra. im gonna have to do a second version of him so he fits in the master image better

see all of la squadra here!
safe1728182 artist:guidomista69 derpibooru exclusive28801 pegasus300452 pony988397 accessories1088 accessory143 angry27669 anime5597 blue1273 colored wings6346 cube188 curls79 curly19 curly hair692 curly mane410 curly tail95 ghiaccio6 glasses63173 gritted teeth12543 hooves18061 ice1249 ice cube99 jojo60 jojo's bizarre adventure2792 male380604 markings1705 multicolored wings2866 ponified41605 raised hoof47530 short hair1992 short mane932 short tail928 simple background401603 solo1078801 stallion112265 standing12537 teeth grinding102 transparent background205702 two toned wings3287 vento aureo144 wings111586


not provided yet


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