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suggestive132539 artist:rinny430 pinkie pie207374 twilight sparkle288166 anthro239981 plantigrade anthro28977 3d67682 alternate hairstyle25659 ass44696 beach13717 bikini16739 blender5413 breasts253988 busty twilight sparkle11113 butt41357 clothes425614 feet36592 female1285370 looking at you152424 lounging236 nail polish7161 solo focus15714 swimsuit26196 twibutt4919


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Background Pony #484C
Make that three of us. I just love Twilight Sparkle so freakin' much that I can't even put into words! How Lauren and Tara managed to bring such an adorkable, intelligent and pure-hearted character into our lives is beyond me!!