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Oh wow! Recently I overread a "Royal Sketchbook", it's a one of the best comic in fandom!
This scene is so funny when Twilight teasing a Prince BlueBlood!

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safe1636026 artist:silfoe1546 artist:vasillium146 color edit7395 edit125313 twilight sparkle291272 alicorn210280 pony901140 royal sketchbook611 bipedal32423 bipedal leaning1592 colored18505 crossed legs2982 cutie mark43915 desk3054 female1302138 horn55278 leaning3372 mare448155 nostrils447 one hoof raised986 open mouth132858 princess2128 royalty1092 simple background369543 solo1017593 standing11189 teeth8273 transparent background192022 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119744 wings92250


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Why do I get the feeling Twi got a one up on Blueblood, and this is his punishment for something he did similarly to Twi some time ago.
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