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safe1635962 artist:meiyeezhu346 rainbow dash226219 sunset shimmer59858 fish2300 human148148 equestria girls190542 equestria girls series30816 anime5087 armpits42070 belly button72532 boat1290 breasts259855 bubbling30 busty sunset shimmer5068 caught3148 clothes434132 comic104498 coughing224 denied276 eating9139 fishing net20 fishing rod360 food65731 funny3961 goggles13559 hilarious124 hot sauce111 humanized97232 karma237 laughing7502 oar64 ocean5805 old master q500 parody15414 red face232 reference4064 scissors1059 sitting58829 sneezing1393 snorkel435 snorkeling164 spicy109 summer1265 summer sunset213 swimming1789 swimsuit26636 tabasco14 underwater4724


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
I was planning to use Applejack, but she already was featured as the main protaganist fisher last summer, and I needed someone new to be the fresh mini heroine of this short story

Since Sunset works as a sushi merchant, I figure Sunset would be out fishing for new raw ingredients out into the ocean and prepare them in her sushi food van
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Everest my fav PawPatrol
Sunset:Let me guess you going to prank me again huh after you put Hot Tamales in my bikini top its makes my nipples feels so hot and itchy