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Page 34 of my 40k crossover comic finished.

The true mastermind behind the Chaos forces finally revealed.

He's not going to be too impressed when he realises Dashie's nicked the staff when he wasn't looking…..
safe1599137 artist:40kponyguy727 derpibooru exclusive24803 rainbow dash222311 rarity172336 human145159 pegasus251670 pony868260 unicorn278437 40kponyguy's the staff of aurelian45 ahzek ahriman15 armor22053 colored pencil drawing1432 comic102278 crossover58711 female1271931 iron warriors64 male338108 man135 mare432061 power armor1126 speech bubble20773 this will end in explosions335 traditional art110104 warhammer (game)2046 warhammer 40k1977


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@Communist Starlight
Forgot to reply to this.

That marine there is Ahzek Ahriman, banished sorcerer of the Thousand Sons legion who fell to the Chaos god Tzeentch.

He's basically one of the most powerful Psykers in 40k, after the Primarch Magnus.

Now you might see where this is going. He's sent the rest of his small band away to find out what that explosion was, (Thanks Rarity…), so he's alone.

Twilight sends Dash and Tavi away on the next page, and confronts him to buy some time. 1 Vs 1.

(And, as of typing this I need 7 scenes drawn to post the next 2 pages on here).
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I wackyparsed "the true mastermind behind the Chaos forces" as "the true mastermind behind the Chans forces." And I was thinking, who? Moot?
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