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safe1863360 artist:fishimira355 pinkie pie229769 shining armor24859 twilight sparkle320175 twilight velvet4763 pony1207804 unicorn394712 anthro292686 plantigrade anthro38994 3d91452 animated106574 anthro with ponies2853 behaving like a cat2428 behaving like a dog1481 clothes519463 context is for the weak989 cute220604 diapinkes10989 discussion in the comments756 eating10753 eyes closed109275 feeding1428 female1502780 floppy ears59333 food80008 gif35654 happy35225 hoodie16529 jumping3744 loop5980 male423424 mare558061 micro9901 mother and child3329 mother and daughter6553 mother and son3341 muffin6767 not salmon2720 outdoors14117 perfect loop1705 pizza box369 prone28512 sad26854 sadorable1119 shining adorable617 shoes44525 size difference16591 sleeping25279 smiling297630 song in the comments265 source filmmaker53970 starbucks351 swallowing2092 sweater16164 tiny1483 tiny ponies1612 trash can918 tree37451 twiabetes13071 velvetbetes121 wat20097 what the actual hay?3


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Background Pony #EB5E
Little tiny Twilight trying to get some of that food from her mommy. That’s so cute.
Princess of Love - Extra special version for those who participated in the Canterlot Wedding 10th anniversary event by contributing art.
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Horse Pussy <3
I honestly love all the detail. From the muffin bouncing off Velvet’s face when Pinkie shoves it at her to Pinkie biting her lip. Every detail enhances the cuteness.
Also… how is this uncanny Valley? I’m very confused.
It’s not uncanny Wally far fron it
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Bird?? Where??!
Damn the expressions on pinkie are wonderful.  
The whole thing is a bit… odd, but I really gotta admire how natural pinkies movements feel.