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suggestive135081 artist:anonymous1410 barley barrel190 pickle barrel162 pegasus265372 pony903468 rainbow roadtrip1395 /mlp/9292 4chan6655 barrel twins117 barrelcest21 beanie3409 bedroom eyes56027 blank flank7331 bonding86 brother292 brother and sister3909 clothes434891 colt14051 drawthread2306 duo54551 eyes closed86072 family4253 female1303662 filly62787 freckles26778 happy29446 hat81637 hoodie13076 implied foalcon1529 incest12950 jacket11642 kissing23434 logo3456 male350556 monochrome146011 one hoof raised986 open mouth133150 pencil drawing7589 shipping191340 shirt22953 sibling bonding63 siblings7418 sister333 sitting58936 straight129837 sweater13875 symbol383 t-shirt4089 tail23388 text54955 traditional art113474 twincest626 twins2094 wall of tags2803


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Background Pony #AC6A
@Scout Feather
Yes oh yes please do & please let thier be a lot of Twincest Foalcon Pregnancy/Inbreeding in it, i would love to read about The Barrel Twins Making More Barrels then please post the link to it here.
Background Pony #AC6A
@Background Pony #8B4F
Not only is it cute, it is the cutest.

Yes it is indeed her frist kiss & it is also her Borther's first kiss too & their first kiss is to each other. She is shaking out of happiness, joy, suspension, excitement & just a little bit fear, nervousness & lust. It is her first time after all, but her Brother on the other hoof seems to just enjoy it for all that it is worth.

Oops, ok i understand, i am so sorry fo tagging it wrong.

But what if the foals in the foalcon picture used a condom?
Would it then be counted as "Safe" Foalcon? XD
Background Pony #0B42
Awwww, cute….

Is it her first kiss? She seems to be shaking like a leaf on the wind.

P.S. Foalcon and safe is an oxymoron, something is either foalcon or safe, never both.

Foalcon: Short description: For images of underage characters in a sexual context (never belongs on safe).
Human/anthro underage porn isn't allowed.