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you ever grabbed ur friends arms (or had ur friend grab ur arms) and wiggled em around to make em dance as a joke? that's what this is

HAHHAAH dumb i know but i thought it was really cute :'') little warmup piece
safe1750187 artist:guidomista69 artist:okuyazu1 derpibooru exclusive29307 fluttershy217231 pinkie pie220135 earth pony265810 pegasus309044 pony1010257 belly button81228 cheek squish952 color porn1078 curls80 curly hair710 curly mane420 cute205663 dancing8570 diapinkes10271 duo64710 eyes closed98034 female1401630 friends648 music2968 music notes3412 neon996 one eye closed32496 open mouth154256 pink1143 pink hair1311 platonic63 shyabetes14501 smiling260836 spread wings57041 squishy cheeks2481 thigh up1 underhoof53806 waist up30 wings123056 wink25647 yellow373


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