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Perhaps Dialogue will come from this… someday~


Sombra is visiting his son, though no one is aware of his actions. As expected, the Crystal Ponies despise Sombra and Empress Cadence reluctantly had to exile Sombra from his former home. That didn't mean Sombra really listened to said order, using his old school magic is sneak into the Empire as he liked. His reason? To see his former Lover and their son, Olive Branch.

When he first learned about the child, he was ecstatic, still a bit evil at heart and wanting to take him 'home'. He chose not to since Golden Laurel was a loved one and he didn't want to hurt her anymore than he had already. So he chose to watch over his son from the shadows.

Sombra used to look upon his first born with disappointment and scorn, angry that his son was so weak of will. The darkness in his heart still yearned to rule the world, perhaps with his son by his side. But as time went on and he continued to visit, he started to grow fond of the meek stallion. He was the product of the love he used to hold in his heart and he portrayed that aspect perfectly. He was kind like his mother but with strong magic like himself. Olive was what his mother had hoped Sombra would become in their youth.

On the other side, Olive and Illusive are hanging out, though Luce can't help but wonder why he taste familial love in the air.
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Background Pony #1181
Yes it’s still me I’m just not in the same browsing session as I was last time.
Sorry for a loss in quality. Somtimes your just written out of ideas

To continue where we left off.

Sombra awakes to find himself in the empire, specifically in the empires hospital.

Sombra(a bit loopy and very confused): wha, huh?

Nurse crystal skies: relax and don’t try to talk. you were injured and were out of it for a few days.

Sombra(add panic settling in): but how am I here?! I can’t be! the hearts magic is in its strong part of its cycle, it’s clear as crystals.

Nurse cloudy quartz: calm down, it’ll gonna be fine. It’s just a few minor injuries.

Sombra: ok this is a dream, this is a dream, this wince is not a dream!

Nurse crystal skies: CLOUDY! IM READING A DROP IN PULSE!

Nurse cloudy quartz(being skilled in the dark arts): what there’s no reason for that at all! Looks like this is gonna need harder measures.grabs a piece of chalk and draws small stars on the floor in a pentagram NOW! Wheel him to the center, and leave the room.

Crystal skies: right away, miss!

Cloudy quartz: here goes nothing

end of chapter 2~
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Background Pony #1181
Fan addition alert!!!!!!!

start of chapter two~
Luna is slightly less cold then she was in the previous chapter but still very distant and uncaring.

This dream was the breaking point, everypony he knows and loves, just killed because they have nothing usefull for a society that has only enough resources to last the current population a year or two, he fell into a deep state of depression and anxiety, and there’s still further to fall.

Luna had started visiting less by then and when she visited again, she found his state to be a little, ok a lot, more deteriorated than she had though he’d be.

Luna(low bitterness): Sombra?! Your dying!

Sombra(extremely bitter): Oh. Hello princess. I trust you’ve been well? And have no sympathy for those who’ve tried and failed?

Luna(in shock): urk wha,what!

Sombra: well you best be going now,under breath like you always do.

Luna doesn’t respond but doesn’t leave.

to be continued
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Background Pony #1181
Fan addition alert!!!

While sombra is in the crystal empire he talks very quietly since everypony would recognize the voice of their “tyrant”.
When Luna talks to Sombra in the real world or dream realm she will be bitter until a chapter breaker and condition change.

Sombra: Sigh, looks at his kid in sadness Now I understand far more than I had, a single tear rolls down his cheek but Magic is magic and there’s no getting past that. another tear rolls down his cheek

Olive Branch and Illusive Spark are talking about things

Sombra: well I guess this is goodbye for now.

Sombra returns to the frozen wasteland outside the crystal empire but not before taking a quick peek at the crystal heart that he tried to destroy so long ago. He saw nothing in his reflection.

While on the frozen wastelands sombra calls home, he was banished from the umbrum crystal after failing his duty the first and second times he tried to rule the empire, there’s nothing to do but reflect and reflect and reflect.
He had tried to hold back the weirdness he had felt when he was in the empire, but there’s no denying it’s existence.

Unable to cast more than a few simple spells, other than the ones he knew from his days as a young colt in the empire and the ones he knew because the umbrum taught him those, he struggled to keep the light in him sedated, it didn’t help that all those ponies there all warm and cozy and chock full of light and love were rubbing off on him.

Illusive Spark had noticed the family love in the air, but paid it little mind after all, Olive was related to a pony who could sneak into many places, but this was on another level, like very close by. He knows nothing about his ancestry, and doesn’t need to know.

A few crystal ponies had vaguely seen Sombra and they panicked like they had before but it was short lived as they realized it was probably just their imagination. But it wasn’t.

Wincing from the wounds that had physically healed but will never mentally, Sombra wandered off into an awful nightmare, Luna visited him and left very quickly, helping all the rest of the ponies with nightmares first then helping him.

Luna: Hello, Sombra.

Sombra(just as cold): Hello, Luna. wince I assume you’ve been well?

Luna: Yes. and I see you’ve not been?

Sombra doesn’t respond, he doesn’t need too.

Luna simply left after that, leaving Sombra to a never ending chain of different nightmares. Each one a different kind of pain. Each one Luna visited and did nothing. She thought this was a fitting punishment for an enslaver. She assumed he was fine in the real world, and was only mentally in pain. She couldn’t be more wrong.

You would think Sombra would get used to having Luna leave him without her doing her job. He couldn’t, each time she left, he only broke faster.

~end of chapter one
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