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Nirik Form: >>2102020
Gleaming Shield as a kirin!
safe1783371 artist:kyrgyzpopstar58 shining armor23924 kirin9662 pony1083500 cloven hooves10876 colored hooves7037 crystal2846 crystal empire2379 cute209879 female1432222 gleamibetes59 gleaming shield1225 happy32941 kirin shining armor5 kirin-ified724 looking at you181382 mare518006 mountain5530 open mouth161131 quadrupedal1888 rule 6328051 rule63betes666 smiling271829 snow14374 solo1120129 species swap21139


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Prince Mainesly
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The Consigliere Colt
ohmygosh!! Grins and gasps i’ve never seen Shiny so cute before! i wanna hug her! awwwwww i love the colour transition in her eyes. :D