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Demoted 3

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It just keeps happening.

Demoted. fiction link
safe1727260 artist:skitter404 princess celestia95835 alicorn228543 pony987521 unicorn332445 comic:demoted6 :o3823 armor24084 bow29310 bowtie10344 butt62231 clothes467304 comic110267 confused4815 crown17484 dress45263 eyes closed95621 female1381628 female pov755 floppy ears53236 frown23259 gotcha75 grin39638 jewelry65717 lidded eyes31242 looking at self109 maid5938 male380242 male to female1014 mare491113 mirror5330 offscreen character34955 open mouth149916 peeking681 plot80500 pov14284 raised hoof47493 regalia20576 royal guard7928 rule 6327162 shocked7104 sleeping23704 smiling254353 speech bubble23768 squee1971 stallion112072 story in the comments736 transformation10974 transgender transformation1707 trollestia792 waking up823 wavy mouth3765 wide eyes17217 worried3970 yawn1416


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Door Belle
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Black Ink
Oh, dear. You think Twilight is more stable?

I mean, sure, everything seems fine for moons at a time, but then one day the sun glinting off her castle will remind her of the old library and next thing you know everyone is books and once that's dispelled, you're still farting Prench opera mixed with Hammerbeak the Wide's Griffonian translation of the Official Equestrian Thesaurus of YH702, Third Edition, for weeks.

And you know how I said it seems things are fine? Yeah…

I don't think I need to go into the other alicorns to be understood. If you've gotta be a royal guard, Celestia's probably the least frightening choice. Especially since you already know the risks.

Pony of modern Tech
(In character Comment)
And this is why i never want to be a royal Guard in Canterlot. I'll just stay in ponyville.
Background Pony #DFD4
well we don't have to fight we can spare and care like in pinkie pie's song, I mean if we all want to do the spell and why stop eachother from doing so? plus I just want to have cute maids like them around O////O~count ziltromon
Background Pony #DFD4
I love this mare as much as I love the other two guards to maids and even her two line color mane of hers and the plot o///o…do more please~count ziltromon
Background Pony #DFD4
ps I think she should do more guards into maids I am loving this plus I like to see they're plot when they turn into mares ;) ~count ziltromon
Background Pony #DFD4
well celestia I wouldn't mind being turned into a maid and female or even a mare as long as you teach me how to do that spell…pretty please :)~count ziltromon
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Comfy Pones
Eh, it's not so bad because it's implied by the fact she can do the spell that she can turn them back as well. I imagine if they begged hard enough she might turn them back. And like any punishment it might just be temporary. I dunno.

And it's a silly fetish comic.