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“First drawing in 7 months.. Wuuu!
Book pony is best pony.”
safe1945433 artist:blackkaries81 twilight sparkle330015 unicorn433558 anthro309791 unguligrade anthro57313 bag7215 cellphone6073 clothes549393 eyes closed117996 female1578794 headphones9252 inconvenient tail21 mare603688 miniskirt5330 panties56746 phone9695 pleated skirt4289 school uniform8296 skirt47207 skirt lift5124 smartphone3912 socks80132 solo1245563 tail upskirt116 thigh highs47480 underwear69649 unicorn twilight25155 zettai ryouiki2087


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Background Pony #D8A9
You could just have a hole in the back for the tail, which would also help keep it up but whatevs.