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I absolutely loved working on this one! there is a lot more significance in the flowers than it seems at first, but I really loved the way this came out! ♥ as a print, she looks gorgeous as well
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safe1705132 artist:cadetredshirt420 rainbow dash233792 pegasus291258 pony966375 cute199580 dashabetes9235 ear fluff29509 female1361865 floral head wreath2042 flower25616 flower in hair7714 gradient background12611 looking up16452 mare479924 obtrusive watermark4595 open mouth145560 patreon12642 patreon logo8658 patreon reward1557 pleasantly surprised2 raised hoof45577 simple background392951 smiling248034 solo1063223 watermark16149 wings107144


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