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Equestria Daily's Artist Training Grounds #9 — Day 16: Draw a pony daydreaming If Luna sleeps during the day, does that mean all…
safe1598937 artist:dstears614 princess luna94780 twilight sparkle285890 alicorn202336 pony868116 :33974 atg 2019689 clothes419182 curved horn6020 cute183329 daydream309 female1271799 floating heart1739 heart44004 horn49364 lesbian91077 mare431979 monochrome143695 newbie artist training grounds5584 one eye closed26523 shipping186097 simple background353902 socks58427 striped socks19657 thigh highs29631 thought bubble3072 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117194 twiluna1477 white background88540 wink22336


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