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safe1597665 artist:rollingrabbit50 tempest shadow15983 pony867235 unicorn278015 my little pony: the movie18141 armor22033 bodysuit1854 broken horn13070 combat armor58 eye scar4549 eyes closed82560 featured image801 female1270866 glowing horn17200 horn49161 mare431499 pretty pretty tempest159 purple background2543 scar10593 simple background353493 solo990408


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Conversed Corruption
Artist -

Well then...
That means absolutely nothing. I'm part of the DBZ fandom for example, one of the biggest and nerdiest fandoms out there. I've watched the series from it's beginning all the way to GT and a couple of the movies along the way. I still don't know any of the new characters from the new Dragon Ball Super because I stopped watching after the show finished the GT series, but I'm aware of their existence from the show.
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Background Pony #533B
@Conversed Corruption
She's darth vader.
As in, the competent, terrifying minion that ends up doing all the work while the bbeg sits around and blithers about how great his plan is.
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