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One Saturday afternoon, Twilight Sparkle is at Rainbow Dash's house with Rainbow and Rarity showing off her latest devices: a pair of bracelets that have the ability to take control of the minds of whoever is wearing them at the push of a button from a small remote, causing them to become mindless, robotic slaves to whoever has the remote. Although Dash is not present in the room when Twilight is explaining this (as she had to take care of something in the kitchen with her mom), Rarity find the bracelets fascinating and asks if she can put one on just for fun. Twilight agrees and puts the other one on as well. Both girls admit that, although they feel a little tight on their arms, the bracelets are rather beautiful. At that moment, Rainbow Dash comes back into the room, sees the bracelet's remote on a small table near the door, and picks it up. Twilight catches this and is about to tell Rainbow to put it down, but Rainbow pushes the button that activates the bracelets, causing Twilight and Rarity's minds to become blank and robotic and their free will to disappear completely. Both girls, standing to attention with their arms at their sides, are now Rainbow Dash's mindless slaves (their only thoughts now being to obey their new mistress), but Dash herself is confused as to what is happening and contemplates going to get Sunset for help….
safe1687513 edit130363 edited screencap63942 editor:thomasfan45255 screencap219881 rarity180048 sci-twi23918 twilight sparkle298094 eqg summertime shorts3052 equestria girls197706 leaping off the page73 1000 hours in ms paint5646 belt5351 blank expression68 bracelet9170 clothes452562 cute197030 glasses60773 hypno eyes114 implied rainbow dash989 jewelry61771 mind control3279 mistress315 offscreen character33400 ponytail17537 skirt39157 speech bubble22823 story included8818 thought bubble3353


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Background Pony #ADE1
I want you to make a picture of sunny flare and sour sweet hypnotized(note:use images from dance magic when sugarcoat says the order is irrelevant and another when sugarcoat says that sounds like a very good concept)okay?