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Uploader's description:
Not my commission, but someone else's. Disappointed that BroDogz isn't willing to DNP. Better for someone who knows him to submit it than an anon.

Artist's description:
*This is a Next Level Commission*

Looks like we have ourselves another cover for a fanfic. If this image gets you interested in the story, be sure to check it out and give it a read. I’ll even drop a handy link so you don’t get lost when you try to find it. (I’m considerate like that lol)

That’s a whole lotta characters!

SuperSaiyanD swug by with a very specific vision in his head as to what he wanted, it was just my job to bring it all into reality. He even had a little sketch as to how he saw everything fitting. (talk about coming prepared) I didn’t have to flex my design muscles for this piece, since all the deets were predetermined, which makes this one a bit easier on me, I guess.

I have not had the opportunity to draw some of these characters in a little while so it was nice to knock the rust off. That was not the case for Sonic and Shadow however. Those two are permanently seared to my retinas. Not that that is a problem j/k

Thanks a bunch to SuperSaiyanD for ordering up this piece. Always happy to help someone bring their visions to life. If anyone else would like to buy something be sure to take a look at my Commission Price Chart.
safe1616184 artist:brodogz124 applejack162642 fluttershy203050 pinkie pie207531 princess cadance31082 princess celestia91193 princess luna95529 rainbow dash224112 rarity173826 spike75771 twilight sparkle288371 alicorn206177 dragon50940 earth pony216109 pegasus257465 pony883983 unicorn285440 anthro240310 fanfic:break the walls down6 anthro with ponies2429 author:supersaiyand6 chris jericho16 crossover59304 fanfic10242 fanfic art13440 fanfic cover1187 female1286513 male343970 mane seven6154 mane six30386 mare439654 shadow the hedgehog867 sonic the hedgehog2961 sonic the hedgehog (series)7264 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404


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