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This was based off a photo that I can't find now so you'll just have to take my word for the fact that he's rubbed his crotch on this poor sheep.

Nevermind I found it.

Regardless, I don't do enough with him.

Also reminder that he's a shite unicorn who's talent is getting stallions hard and literally nothing else.
explicit313496 artist:lightningbolt813 derpibooru exclusive23913 pony829130 sheep1232 unicorn258810 .svg available7346 all time low23 bipedal30156 clothes402305 fetish34410 glowing horn16235 hoof on hip88 horn40818 horsecock58562 jack barakat8 male299778 nudity329035 penis135606 plushie21625 plushophilia179 ponified37889 precum9115 precum stain13 shirt20667 show accurate10158 show accurate porn5802 simple background338829 solo961382 solo male23609 stallion90663 svg3134 t-shirt3470 transparent background176606 vector70645


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