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This was based off a photo that I can’t find now so you’ll just have to take my word for the fact that he’s rubbed his crotch on this poor sheep.

Nevermind I found it.

Regardless, I don’t do enough with him.

Also reminder that he’s a shite unicorn who’s talent is getting stallions hard and literally nothing else.
explicit (281628)artist:lightningbolt (671)derpibooru exclusive (20243)pony (688135)sheep (1013)unicorn (202100)all time low (18)bipedal (26947)clothes (354585)fetish (29500)glowing horn (13522)hoof on hip (44)horn (25842)horsecock (51294)jack barakat (5)male (256703)nudity (293984)penis (121310)plushie (19670)plushophilia (158)ponified (34199)precum (8083)precum stain (12)shirt (17116)simple background (289917)solo (873833)solo male (21004)stallion (72639)svg (2924).svg available (6753)transparent background (151432)t-shirt (2684)vector (66428)

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