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What would you do if you're bored with hexagons, but still want a lamp with all those pones?
Exactly, you make it round. Same art as in previous version, but now with more round.
safe1589723 artist:alkarasu12 artist:batonya1256173 applejack160191 fluttershy199648 gummy4871 pinkie pie204822 rainbow dash220987 rarity171055 tank2615 twilight sparkle284911 alicorn198257 butterfly6384 earth pony204275 pegasus245058 pony856792 unicorn271652 3d print383 apple14804 apple tree2755 balloon9692 book30785 bucket2101 cake8979 chibi13329 cloud27550 collage1207 cowboy hat13452 cup5605 cupcake4968 cute180995 cutie mark41603 female933846 flower22553 food61843 globe288 goblet87 guitar4396 hat77585 heart43689 hooves16453 horn45053 ice cream4602 irl63390 jam180 jar935 lamp2331 lying down9650 mane six29677 mare421419 muffin6201 on a cloud1149 open mouth125077 pear510 pear tree197 photo71572 pie3037 pillow15742 prone23524 quill2512 reading5817 rope10422 rose3533 scepter1046 scroll3158 smiling218641 sunglasses13159 tongue out92011 tree27940 twilight scepter1996 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116299 wings79104 zap apple403 zap apple jam97


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