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In this episode, Luna makes a friend
safe1618292 artist:jargon scott2199 princess celestia91289 princess luna95618 alicorn206649 changeling43086 pony885782 broom1647 buzzing wings68 bzzzzz4 comic103466 cute186684 dialogue61109 female1288169 flying35649 holding a changeling9 mare440413 monochrome144999 neo noir2069 onomatopoeia3597 partial color4874 royal sisters4076 simple background362297 white background90587 wings88339


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Go fsck yourself
@Lord Of Dorkness
That comment fits your avatar perfectly. :)

And yes, at least we'd have an interesting origin story, 'stead of the "she was my foal-sitter, and apparently always an alicorn" backstory we've had to live with since Season Two — I wonder if there's something in the comics to fill in the blanks.

I'm not bitter, or really angry about Cadance, but there are points in the series where I wish things had gone differently.
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