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I'll be deleting this account later tomorrow. It's pretty much dead at this point but I figured I'd give a warning just in case.

Regarding Commissions, I will be finishing them or refunding them as I am able.

EDIT: You can find pretty much EVERY mlp related pic I've ever drawn on derpibooru. Even old ones I deleted long ago.

Well is dead now form him….

here the full version >>2048714
suggestive132381 artist:captainpudgemuffin661 pinkie pie207223 human146291 arm behind head5677 armpits41734 beautiful5078 breasts253373 busty pinkie pie10002 clothes424892 cropped46628 erect nipples9270 eyeshadow14003 female1283846 humanized96316 lipstick10076 makeup19052 one eye closed27010 solo1001452 solo female171251


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Background Pony #000F
I hate stupid artists. He is one of them. I love his work, but deleting accounts just cuz? That is grade A stupid. Much like PKX.
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As a learning artist, I really look up to your work. Having a personality in your art
takes dedication, and it's not about "instant gratification or cookies. People enjoy your
expression/anatomy/proportions and personality. I think you should of kept those accounts because
you can add and improve from them. I think you're an awesome artist. Hopefully, You'll see this one day.
Good luck with your art journey!
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Word Bug
They gave advance warning—you can download the archive of all their stuff from the link I put in that the linked thread or in the first post of this comment thread.
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Nazi, apparently?
A bit of a "fuck the fans" moment, isn't it? Deleting all of your content and accounts and then dismissing your audience that supports and cares about your work as "internet brownie points" rubs me the wrong way. I get the need to break away and focus on self improvement but you don't need to burn all the bridges to do that.
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Background Pony #2F54
unpopular opinion: i dont care that he leaves. not to mention that he said that he quits mlp many month ago. then he remembered that this fandom is where his income lies. then he came back. i hope that all the 100+ people waiting for pics from him, get a refund (from an always broke dude)
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Ship all the ponies!
He did say that he would be either finishing or refunding commissions as he was able. Given the amount of work he's put into that one and what it must have cost, I'll bet it will be finished. Of course then it's probably up to the commissioner to post it.
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MILF Hunter
well, he's done it. he's deactivated his account :(
goodbye, Pudge, I along with many others will miss your adorable pone pics, especially the cat pones <3
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