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Another of those long overdue requests.
“Dipsy and Chirpy Hooves back to back. Dipsy using his magic to boop Chirpy on the end of her nose with a paintbrush whilst giggling in to his hoof, and Chirpy going slightly crosseyed”.
It’s pretty specific. Just hope it meets with the requesters approval. They’ve been patient long enough for this.
safe1765656 artist:40kponyguy766 derpibooru exclusive29624 chirpy hooves194 dipsy hooves57 pegasus314856 pony1025599 unicorn348747 boop7669 brother and sister4530 colt15639 cross-eyed819 ear fluff32023 female1415008 filly70602 glowing horn20847 grass10289 horn80010 magic76133 male392746 one eye closed33074 paintbrush1719 requested art1407 siblings9798 spread wings57936 telekinesis29077 traditional art121289 wings125957


not provided yet


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