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Another of those long overdue requests.

"Dipsy and Chirpy Hooves back to back. Dipsy using his magic to boop Chirpy on the end of her nose with a paintbrush whilst giggling in to his hoof, and Chirpy going slightly crosseyed".

It's pretty specific. Just hope it meets with the requesters approval. They've been patient long enough for this.
safe1654652 artist:40kponyguy749 derpibooru exclusive26969 chirpy hooves191 dipsy hooves56 pegasus271849 pony919120 unicorn302130 boop7149 brother and sister3979 colt14279 cross-eyed750 ear fluff26931 female1318190 filly63673 glowing horn18659 grass9035 horn58604 magic70674 male355949 one eye closed28600 paintbrush1575 requested art1296 siblings7689 spread wings51735 telekinesis26600 traditional art114583 wings96461


not provided yet


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