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Everything from my vampire headcanons applies with him too.

So I've had an idea since like the beginning of designing him for him to be like a secret vampire, I mean that's why I gave him fangs, but I never actually went with turning him into my vampire design to see what it looked like on him, and it looks decent. By that logic, his brother is also a secret vampire, he just hides it and gets rid of his fangs. While it is less visually apparent here, he still cannot fly, he can move his wings but he is incapable of flight permanently.

Being a 'secret' vampire, he rarely looks like this. How that works at all, idfk, use your imagination. I'm good at thinking of shapeshifting magical fish, not vampires.
safe1654645 artist:lightningbolt876 derpibooru exclusive26969 pegasus271845 pony919115 vampire3737 .svg available8088 bags under eyes1895 butt fluff302 clothes441095 ear fluff26931 fangs23868 gerard way33 hoof fluff1443 jacket11846 lidded eyes29291 male355949 my chemical romance156 ponified39832 raised hoof42886 scarf22524 simple background376122 slit eyes4346 solo1030631 stallion102276 svg3530 tail feathers867 tattered92 tattered wings38 transparent background194736 vector74810 wing fluff1551 wings96461


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