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Five Nights at Starlight's
safe1559001 artist:bobdude0297 artist:kawaiipony2188 artist:lanacraft134 artist:nekokevin895 artist:ratofdrawn1098 artist:viwrastupr541 applejack157463 coloratura2663 dj pon-327950 fluttershy196062 gilda9051 moondancer4355 pinkie pie201672 rainbow dash217544 rarity168283 starlight glimmer43152 sunset shimmer56814 tempest shadow15166 trixie61380 twilight sparkle280269 vinyl scratch32046 zecora8704 oc596148 oc:nyx2087 alicorn191755 earth pony191975 pegasus233649 pony829848 unicorn259125 4de337 adoracreepy579 animated91199 creepy3789 cute174059 female882857 five nights at freddy's1508 irl62289 jumpscare102 looking at you141178 mare406013 merchandise3856 nightmare retardant23 photo70236 plushie21637 scary476 scp foundation200 screamer22 slenderman428 sound6499 spooky453 static248 sweet dreams fuel638 urban legend7 video678 webm9744 welovefine349


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Stolen Dance
Still better than the original game. :P

Also, sweet room with all that pony stuff, wish I had a room like this.