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"Don't let this imposter fool you! She's been trained by Lord Tirek to mimic my every move!"
safe1679350 artist:logan jones327 applejack167729 sci-twi23769 twilight sparkle297041 alicorn219253 equestria girls196650 angry26578 clothes449793 crystal prep academy uniform3341 duality4186 glasses60338 gray background6941 school uniform7124 self ponidox7880 simple background384543 toy story294 toy story 233 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122276 twolight1141 twolight timeline16


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Background Pony #0789
Sci-Twi: “Don’t let this imposter fool you! She’s been trained by Chrysalis herself to mimic my personality!”
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Background Pony #EB72
Sci-Twi: [Gasp]
Sci-Twi went to Applejack grabbing her left hand while kneeling down.
Sci-Twi: Your Majesty.
Applejack: (Chuckles)
Background Pony #5213
Knocks off the glasses

Que Crystal Prep Twilight looking on the floor for them