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A Looong overdue request, Apple Bloom and Tender Taps as 'Rico and Reg' from 'Made In Abyss'.

Personally I have no knowledge of the Made In Abyss characters, and still need to watch over half the MLP FIM series so haven't seen the episode with Tender Taps either. Waaay behind with it. (I've only actually seen one episode with Starlight Glimmer yet!)
safe1656238 artist:40kponyguy749 derpibooru exclusive27029 apple bloom48312 tender taps681 earth pony230534 pony920602 cape9876 clothes441573 colt14298 cosplay27308 costume26622 crossover60479 female1319506 filly63776 glasses59161 looking at you159717 made in abyss31 male356429 raised hoof43008 requested art1296 simple background376798 traditional art114655 white background93395


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You are your worst enemy
I got until that episode when the little girl found a disected, headless, legless humanoid corpse crawling towards her and I NOPED the heck ahead of that scene. And then stopped watching altogether after that episode.