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Artist's description:
I did this lovely drawing with my friend fluttershyfilly-yay on aggie~
It turned out greaT. I draw the Discord and she drew the Fluttershy haha.
safe1598928 artist:candyeater91154 artist:fluttershyfilly-yay17 discord29173 fluttershy201239 draconequus9478 pegasus251607 pony868114 blushing179658 bust43003 collaboration4887 cute183329 discoshy2571 discute1001 eyes closed82635 female1271796 heart44004 kissing22757 male338071 mare431979 outline907 pictogram1839 shipping186097 shyabetes12180 simple background353901 spiderman kiss5 straight126125 upside down5109 upside down kiss22 white background88540 wings83948


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