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collab with dragonlover69~<3
he sketched and i made the line and color!
explicit318933 artist:dragonlover6965 artist:littlenaughtypony645 scootaloo49083 sweetie belle46653 oc609590 oc:dragonlover6952 pegasus247565 pony857306 unicorn274171 afterglow1461 aftersex8498 age difference2203 anatomically correct21681 anus87599 belly button68905 blushing177993 camera shot1129 canon x oc22202 colored17805 creampie27076 cum72511 dock44444 female1212697 filly59925 flat colors1855 foalcon16629 frog (hoof)10403 heart43618 horsecock60884 looking at you147875 looking back50239 looking back at you11685 male329744 male pov6736 nudity334785 offscreen character30205 open mouth125414 penetration50435 penis138231 pov12670 scootabutt398 sex108088 smiling218347 stallion94452 stallion on filly799 straight122399 tongue out91896 underhoof46823 vaginal34945 vaginal secretions36616 vulva113930


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Background Pony #07AE
I've been wanting to draw this OC and some foals too tbh. Great work though!
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Background Pony #84D6
Oh, Scootaloo… The most beautiful, perfect, sexy little filly in the world!
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