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Twilight got so excited to try out diapers for the first time she might have forgotten something… wasn't somepony coming over or something?

Here it is. Better late than never.
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15 comments posted
Background Pony #75D3

3 wrongs with that.

1. Twilight has no wings & still lives in the Golden Oaks Library, so this take's place before Cadance was even pregy, so no Flurry.

2. I don't think that Velvet & Night Light would allow Cadance to take their little foal from them.

3. Even if that were the case & in the future, Flurry would be given a Big Sister not a Little Sister.
Background Pony #75D3
Well it looks like Cadance will have to go back to Foal — sit little Twily again, well i guess that foalsitting Twilight will be good training for when it is time for Flurry Heart to be born.