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Coco Pommel : Are you sure this is a good idea, Miss Pie?
Marble Pie : Mmhmm
Ocellus : What in the hay are you two doing?


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safe1728565 artist:cyanlightning1023 coco pommel6020 marble pie6598 ocellus5379 changeling48771 earth pony257166 pony988768 .svg available8401 absurd resolution66554 chisel49 disguise4879 disguised changeling2739 ear fluff30395 eyes closed95727 female1382737 holding3264 mare491757 mouth hold17778 paint1939 painting3670 rock4568 rockellus32 simple background401745 standing12543 this will end in death2489 this will end in tears3400 this will end in tears and/or death2315 this will not end well1687 transparent background205781 trio9454 trio female1907 vector77358


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