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suggestive136936 artist:eqamrd323 applejack165793 fluttershy207351 pinkie pie211324 princess celestia93024 princess luna97235 rainbow dash228280 rarity177400 twilight sparkle293908 alicorn214790 earth pony230675 pegasus272517 unicorn303005 anthro249610 3d71523 3ds max198 applebutt4096 ass46842 balloonbutt3854 beach14181 butt50379 butt only2259 face not visible119 faceless female1675 female1319786 females only11902 flutterbutt4817 head out of frame506 line-up1013 mane six31112 mane six plots150 mare457369 moonbutt3240 offscreen character32529 plotline339 rainbutt dash3354 rearity4271 sky13203 stupid sexy applejack657 stupid sexy celestia1543 stupid sexy fluttershy1030 stupid sexy pinkie714 stupid sexy princess luna602 stupid sexy rainbow dash2432 stupid sexy rarity1173 stupid sexy twilight904 summer1294 sunbutt3904 twibutt5198 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120951 wide hips15754


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Verified blank-flank
Sorry. You'll need to get some of my YES back from Luna, since she's the treasury head. X3
Celestia kept spending the tax revenue on cake, so Luna took over that responsibility.