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Based on the story found at ":"
safe1676866 artist:alex-kellar3 spike77845 twilight sparkle296742 dog9299 human151739 equestria girls196286 assassin228 breasts269828 butt53624 clothes449015 crossover61075 fanfic art14087 fate/apocrypha14 fate/grand order95 fate/stay night120 homurahara academy uniform1 hug27635 humanized98731 jack the ripper28 magic71785 magic circle784 pantyhose3374 ponytail17332 shed77 shoes35131 skirt38840 spike the dog2577 this will end in death2367 this will end in tears3291 this will end in tears and/or death2251 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122145


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Background Pony #F464
Uh-oh. With that freak as her Servant, there's gonna be a lot of corpses soon.
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Sci-Twi Lover
Hugged on the Non-Nemesis!
~^Fixed fanfic source.
Twilight Sparkle was used to a lot of strange things. So when she pursued the strange unicorn who had stolen her crown through a portal, she thought she could handle whatever came her way. Unfortunately for her, she finds herself involved in a war far greater then she could have imagined. Thankfully, she's got a cute boy to help her survive.