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safe1725962 screencap224349 princess celestia95763 princess luna99845 alicorn228265 pony986236 between dark and dawn1634 alternate hairstyle28586 barehoof227 celestia is not amused534 cheek squish917 clothes466787 cute202734 dashface417 duo62774 eyeshadow16062 female1380372 folded wings6214 frown23232 hooves on cheeks186 lunabetes3609 makeup22084 mare490391 not amused face193 ponytail18257 post office260 royal sisters4526 siblings9050 sisters9089 smiling254068 squishy cheeks2429 that pony sure does love the post office55 varying degrees of want728 wings111175


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Background Pony #CD8E
Man, with the way they are going all out for this season, expect to see Starlight become a princess.