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No Somnambula to interrupt this time. This time her little partner just needs to ride it out :D
explicit333624 artist:badumsquish1882 derpibooru exclusive26564 sphinx (character)899 oc643023 oc:generic messy hair anime anon291 human148622 pony905069 sphinx1756 :o3566 assisted masturbation132 balls71107 blushing186446 bodyjob52 claws4792 dubious consent1053 eyes closed86243 fangs23435 futa43423 futa on male2239 futa pony on human male113 futa sphinx116 futa sphinx on human male9 headdress515 horsecock64237 human male6454 human on sphinx action27 intersex41422 interspecies21689 macro10394 male351134 masturbation17891 micro8647 musk700 nudity350806 on back23284 open mouth133458 paws4545 penis144859 pony on human action807 show accurate12829 show accurate porn6477 size difference13235 two-tone coat111


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Nah, just rubbing him on there. The musk is more than enough to drive him wild, though :D

@Background Pony #F60B
To a degree. They come to her pyramid and she challenges them to a riddle. This is the sort of thing that happens when they lose XD

I think it was literally just a single person trying to make it "Kusu" and like NOBODY seemed on board with that one. I feel bad for the guy who wanted it, but at the same time it's like super unfitting to take a giant riddle-telling Greek/Egyptian mythological cat/pony creature in a Canadian tv series written for Americans, and name it after Japanese hard wine. I'm okay with Jinxy (though it's true it's super close to a name that already exists), but I super don't want it to be Kusu. And yeah, she spoke. There was no hint of her having a name beyond "the sphinx" and it was narrated by someone else, but she did say stuff :D

I imagine it would first be one, and then the other :D

@Background Pony #F60B
Somnambula was narrated by him too, though :D
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Word Bug
Oh! This is that thing that someone brought up on the tagging thread.

Not sure Jinx really fits her. I mean, it's not even remotely themed for the place she's from (consider Hissan and Somnambula as examples) and doesn't match her character (what little we've seen of it) much.

Kusu is even further, being an Asian derived word.

Do we know if she's even sapient in the show? She never spoke.