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I love the designs of the kirins they are so pretty! Autumn Blaze was so much fun to draw, her drew her from the sketch until the final product on Twitch.

If you want to preorder pillows for the GalaCon please write me!

There will be definitely: Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Wind Sprint, Cozy Glow, Kerfuffle, Twilight Rainbow Road Trip Edition, Silverstream, Smolder, Princess Luna, Starlight Glimmer

Maybe: Dr. Whoves, King Sombra
safe1676627 artist:piripaints73 autumn blaze3745 kirin8258 sounds of silence3325 awwtumn blaze724 blushing192655 cloven hooves9816 cute195372 female1336664 green background2292 horn62079 jumping3274 leg fluff2945 looking at you163195 signature23314 simple background383675 smiling240448 solo1043959


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