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today is Canada Day and I decided to make a MLP Special.

and I'm Aware that Tara Strong (the voice of Twilight) is Canadian but I'm not sure with the other, I "Think" that Emily Blunt (Voice of Tempest) is British but Fell free to point out Who the voice actors are Canadians

also I'm not going to do a July the 4th Special because I'm Not American.
safe1572643 artist:ejlightning007arts875 fizzlepop berrytwist8601 starlight glimmer43744 sunset shimmer57437 tempest shadow15336 trixie61969 twilight sparkle282260 alicorn194683 pony843630 unicorn265142 adorable face1221 canada394 canada day51 cute176714 fireworks1744 lying down9462 magical quartet130 magical quintet113 magical trio431 night22616 shimmerbetes3950 shocked5713 sitting54830 tempestbetes2488 twiabetes10199 twilight sparkle (alicorn)114976


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