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I'm pretty sure Flim and Flam will be back at some point this season. They've been using S9 as a highlights reel revisiting as many fan favourites as possible: I'm certain our favourite huckster brothers will be among them.

I'm interested to see whether they get redeemed totally, partially, or not at all. I'd say partial is most likely, but all three are possible.
Background Pony #DDF8
I like how they make Capper wearing the cape and hat that Rarity gave it to him.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

If this is implying Flim and Flam have happened to fall on hard times… couldn't have happened to a nicer duo, huh?
Artist -

Well, he does say the Smooze is his friend, and it doesn't lick him, it kisses him to say thanks. And yeah, it's not the same level as ponies or griffons or dragons, but it's not on the same level as a pet, either. I mean, it dances with Pinkie Pie at the end.

No it doesn't. He learns to treat him better but he would do the same if Smooze was a mistreated dog. Smooze even lick him like a pet would. So yeah if you mean "friend" as in a dog is a best friend to human then i agree but Smooze is not on the level of any other sapient race like pony or dragon. If you think otherwise it will only be your personal opinion.

Smoooze is not much of a friend. He would be on the level of Winona or Angel Bunny meaning he is more like a pet. Can't he make friends with anyone who can talk and have own opinions?