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Twilight Sparkle enjoying herself at her favorite fast food restaurant.

"Um… Twilight? Don't you think you've had enough?"
"Oh well. Just more of her to love I guess…"
safe1728324 artist:bbbhuey149 artist:blanishna49 artist:culu-bluebeaver163 twilight sparkle303274 alicorn228741 pony988553 belly29018 belly bed2806 belly expansion557 big belly11695 box4743 burger1915 fast food290 fat22391 female1382545 food71573 glasses63184 glowing horn20093 growth5800 hay burger632 horn71004 i can't believe it's not sci-twi113 impossibly large belly10618 indoors3259 levitation12319 magic74338 mare491667 messy eating1208 obese11716 princess twilard410 prone25944 puffy cheeks3915 request3951 requested art1375 restaurant693 show accurate16134 solo1078906 stuffing1256 telekinesis28233 that pony sure does love burgers224 twilard sparkle1364 twilight burgkle524 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124973 twilight's professional glasses132 underhoof52908 vector77352 weight gain4350


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A lot. I’m married online on DeviantArt and the MLP girls are my girlfriends in my Alternate Universe and I even started my own harem for women so I can love them equally without causing them problems.
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