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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: sta.sh/01hpiendj4sx

Looks like our contestant-at-large has won this competition—-in a landslime!!! I would've compete in my Eris form, but seeing you try to morph into your favourite glamour models made me came up with the BEST summer prank of the century!!
OOOOOHH, I DO hope we get a big gold trophy for "BEST EXTRA THICC BODY OF 2019"!!!
(Smooze smiles in delightful satisfying hunger for the tasty prize) ….Well, don't just laze around here!!* Go fetch me that well-earned trophy now!!!*

First swimsuit model: Mango by 3mangos
Second swimsuit model: Ruby Big Heart by Ribiruby

Third swimsuit model: Calvia by (Jmaster99)
For more Master Q Parodies, go to: meiyeezhu.deviantart.com/galle…
Note: The title of this comic comes from the term of the same name, which describes a contestant who cannot participate in the main preliminary show, but can still partake in state shows of the same organization
suggestive (120249) artist:meiyeezhu (301) beaude mane (59) cayenne (247) discord (27779) fluffy clouds (62) hoity toity (930) moonlight raven (390) neon lights (762) orion (216) polo play (82) rising star (766) shooting star (character) (216) smooze (812) star gazer (89) sunshine smiles (217) oc (567510) oc:calvia (39) oc:mango (394) oc:ruby big heart (63) human (137423) slime girl (71) 666 (130) anime (4014) armband (726) big breasts (62079) bikini (14522) breasts (220585) broken (592) busty smooze (6) chair (5422) clothes (382376) comic (95592) competition (196) contest (291) creepy face (23) dress (37083) erect nipples (7636) extra thicc (456) faint (353) fanart (1173) fleeing (63) glass (3685) hair over one eye (7534) hat (70748) horn (32596) horned humanization (5972) huge breasts (28685) humanized (90934) las pegasus resident (455) measurements (19) microphone (4213) necktie (5690) nipple outline (5593) nipples (131229) old master q (385) panic (724) panicking (153) parody (14856) piercing (31063) reference (3446) running (4935) sexy (21115) shattered (115) shocked (5234) slime (1697) spilled drink (109) stage (2506) suit (4740) sunglasses (12166) surprised (7398) swimsuit (22810) table (7607) thicc hips (290) top hat (3457) tripped (53) tuxedo (1172) unlucky (27) wine bottle (342) wine glass (1116) winged humanization (7819) wings (61522)


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18 comments posted

Japanese Brony
Well, She has The Smallest Bust Of the three, (Still Huge, Through.)
But she is The Smallest Model of The three And Her waist is The Slimmest.
So, Her bra size Will be Larger than the Other Model.

Japanese Brony

Note About Base comic: I Do Not Want to know Women in the Original Comic's Actual Heights.
(I Want to Know What measure of length Used in Original Comic.
35-24-35 is Too small Both Meters and Feet/Inch.)

Oops, I think Feet/Inch is Used in Original Comic.
35inch-24inch-35inch is 88.9cm-60.9cm-88.9cm. I'm convinced.
Artist -
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
A Really Classy Artist - 250+ images under their artist tag

^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
I based these models in my comic from actual erotic entertainment stars and adjusted their measurements to fit with the bust:hip:waist ratios of the women in the original comic, so their heights are based off from the adult stars from which I based their body figure measurements from (I can't provide info on the actual heights of the women in the original comic though)

Mango's Height: 1.68 m

Ruby Big Heart's Height: 1.73 m

Calvia's Height: 1.65 m

Japanese Brony
I want to Calculate Model's Bra size, but This comic DOESN'T Model's height.
So, I can't Calculate Model's Bra size. :(
Also, Please someone Tell me a measure of length that Used in Base comic In Description.