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semi-grimdark30366 artist:squipycheetah293 applejack173256 fluttershy217238 pinkie pie220141 rainbow dash238543 rarity185573 starlight glimmer49785 twilight sparkle306086 butterfly7294 earth pony265839 pegasus309071 pony1010345 unicorn342228 fanfic:an apple sleep experiment34 fanfic:butterflies6 fanfic:cupcakes1967 fanfic:forever faithful4 fanfic:rainbow factory1191 fanfic:the friendship test5 lil-miss rarity523 alternate color palette469 applejack's hat8404 backwards cutie mark3445 bandage5832 bandana5512 blood25241 bloodshot eyes1557 clothes475928 corrupted2780 cowboy hat17148 crazy face975 creepy4437 creepypasta901 crossed arms5348 crossed hooves2008 cupcake5554 cute205669 doll6032 empty eyes576 evil2970 evil grin4595 eye scar5189 faic12534 fanfic art14922 female1401712 floppy ears54493 flying39407 folded wings6551 food72968 freckles30110 glowing eyes11580 glowing horn20520 grin40908 gritted teeth13211 hat90325 horn77564 implied death2664 implied murder929 inverted colors366 lab coat2250 leg brace80 letter3109 looking at you175656 looking up17133 magic75376 mane six32560 messy mane7925 narrowed eyes893 open mouth154293 pinkamena diane pie19376 pinkamena doll21 quill2754 rainbow cupcake226 rainbow factory dash358 raised hoof48424 scar12452 scarred134 scroll3478 shovel1009 sleep deprivation84 smiling260858 smirk13013 smug6258 smuglight glimmer279 snapplejack64 spread wings57046 teeth10489 toy22455 twilight snapple2070 twilight's castle4087 unicorn twilight18694 watermark16935 wings123070


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Clever Clovers
Artist -

Element Of Luck
"Girls, it's AUGUST. Nightmare Night is still two months away."

"Uh, Clever? We're behind you."

"Wait, Twi, if you're there, then who's…"