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Some Sunset Shimmer that I drew for a friend @plumpthem
suggestive167352 artist:graphenescloset727 sunset shimmer70785 pony1266835 unicorn420254 adorafatty373 belly34084 big belly15170 blushing230999 clothes540250 cute228375 fat25233 female1554594 frog (hoof)16783 mare588145 obese13289 one-piece swimsuit5658 shimmerbetes4781 sitting75426 slobset shimmer270 solo1225717 swimming pool3446 swimsuit33828 talking to viewer3949 underhoof59982


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Steamy the Brony
Artist -

Lovely pic X3
She is so adorable with her big belly and her blushing embarassed face XD
Hmmm… thinking back to >>1769088 and >>1431190… who knows… Maybe we’ll have swimsuit pictures of obese and adorable Mane 6 (AJ, Pinkie, Fluttershy Rarity) and Starlight X3 <3