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He-he, cute Twilight in a swimsuit. She’s wet, oops.
suggestive148594 artist:pesty_skillengton690 twilight sparkle306623 alicorn233518 pony1014148 blushing205192 butt66370 clothes477190 confused4900 dock52195 ear fluff31409 female1405257 frog (hoof)13947 heart50193 heart hoof383 horn78259 looking at you176288 looking back60285 looking back at you16092 mare503840 one-piece swimsuit4785 panting3016 plot82222 solo1096934 solo female183980 swimsuit29830 tail31353 text62412 twibutt5793 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126363 underhoof53900 wet8430


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I thought about it one day and tried it. Hugs your body form well, feels better than just a pair of shorts tbh. Boardshorts would probably just slow you down in water lol (I’m no swimmer, but might try learning someday)