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Go fsck yourself
Just a thought: you might be able to get incense sticks or cones which are sandalwood scented, or even the oil itself. Probably a better way to go really, than getting the actual wood itself – much easier to ship, WAY wider variety of quality, and, depending on where you are in the world, you may have shops close by which have good samples.
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@Darkest Lunar Flower  
It will be very hard to get the truly fantastic Sandalwood (Mysore sandalwood) due to it being on the protected species list due to over-harvesting, so you may have to settle for Australian Sandalwood or some other type (which will have a slightly harsher smell). Overall it is a very pleasant smell, just be warned that if you get Sandalwood beads they wont keep the smell as long due to absorbing outside smells/aging due to not being treated.
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@Darkest Lunar Flower  
Sandalwood is the second-most expensive wood in the world, it is a fine grain wood. The wood/oil that it produces a very distinctive fragrance that has been sought after for hundreds of years, the fragrance itself lasts for decades. It has a soft/smooth warm and creamy precious-wood scent that acts as an enhancer/stabilizer in other perfumes.