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Spikes Gems 3

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explicit312532 artist:badumsquish1897 derpibooru exclusive23776 night light1940 monster pony3432 original species22694 pony825202 rokurokubi29 unicorn256591 youkai120 badumsquish strikes again116 flared2689 flirty236 floating heart1381 grin32142 heart42407 height light2 horsecock58334 impossibly long neck173 impossibly long penis22 long penis318 looking at you140287 male298634 necc193 nudity328013 one eye closed24435 penis135195 prehensile neck13 prehensile penis58 show accurate10026 smiling209351 smirk10627 solo958146 solo male23580 species swap17921 stallion90213 tentacle penis310 tentacles10537 wat18475 wink21153


not provided yet


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Depends on the length. That thing normally is the normal size and behavior as a regular wiener. Like his neck, it just becomes prehensile when he extends it and it's unknown how long he can make it :D
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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how long does it take him to ejaculate? because unless his cock pumps out cum super fast then I'm pretty sure he would be done orgasming by the time the first drop of cum dribbles out the tip