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explicit333072 artist:badumsquish1878 derpibooru exclusive26498 night light2150 monster pony3271 original species23082 pony903226 rokurokubi31 unicorn294541 youkai131 badumsquish strikes again117 flared2906 flirty273 floating heart2019 grin35502 heart45402 height light2 horsecock64112 impossibly long neck283 impossibly long penis27 long penis372 looking at you156494 male350455 necc309 nudity350209 one eye closed27916 penis144620 prehensile neck14 prehensile penis65 show accurate12809 smiling229789 smirk11789 solo1018743 solo male25080 species swap18293 stallion100370 tentacle penis308 tentacles11262 wat18774 wink23166


not provided yet


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Depends on the length. That thing normally is the normal size and behavior as a regular wiener. Like his neck, it just becomes prehensile when he extends it and it's unknown how long he can make it :D
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

friendly art program
how long does it take him to ejaculate? because unless his cock pumps out cum super fast then I'm pretty sure he would be done orgasming by the time the first drop of cum dribbles out the tip