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safe1687757 artist:tarkron129 apple bloom48958 applejack168308 big macintosh28039 fluttershy210710 pinkie pie214416 rainbow dash231857 rarity180071 scootaloo50939 sweetie belle48639 twilight sparkle298124 oc672874 oc:tara71 alicorn220880 pony949494 comic:ghosts of the past49 apple siblings324 candle4663 cart1355 coffin186 comic107896 cutie mark crusaders18879 dialogue64391 female1345872 fence2813 filly65370 fireworks1938 male366382 mane six31638 mare471774 night25876 ominous88 stallion106326 this will not end well1612 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122817


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