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Poor Cuppa didn't realize they were those (explicit) kind of tentacles :P
questionable108738 artist:badumsquish1876 derpibooru exclusive26480 oc640843 oc:cuppa noodle7 lamia1950 monster pony3270 original species23079 afterglow1571 angry25480 bed38565 bedroom9345 belly26612 big belly10011 blushing185904 bookshelf3346 cave3203 coils1050 curtain506 dialogue61821 female1302159 glare8123 gritted teeth11142 kicking1962 mattress144 messy mane7393 mottled coat53 neet73 nerd884 pregnant12690 prone24401 show accurate12795 solo1017605 sulking55 this ended in pregnancy32 two-tone coat111 window7894


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@Free Current
@morphic tide
At this point it's a mystery. Those tentacles can randomly squirt out semen or eggs, and even if they didn't lay eggs she could have been impregnated with straight tentacles, hybrids, or even a totally normal lamia since lamia genetics and anatomy is super weird. All we know is they clearly didn't lay eggs in her butt like what Quibble got . At this point nobody knows what she's gonna get :P

@Background Pony #4033
She just wanted to have a one night stand, but those tentacles were on a mission >:D

Dunno XD

Yeah she's fine. She's just angry that she got stuck carrying a baby something or other from her night with some tentacles XD

It's happened a few times. And yeah, the glasses make a big difference. I forgot to add them until super late, then figured she'd probably have them off in both events anyways XD

She's not, it's just the reflection on her eye. She's just angry they didn't pull out XD

Doot Doot
Sounds like this is not the first time this happened. ;)
Also how in the everlasting peck does she look so different?
A pair of glasses makes her look like a teen,
and without she looks like a full grown mare.
What magic is this? :O
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Word Bug
Hang about. If this were just the tentacle putting eggs in her (which would result in purely tentacle offspring), there'd be another bulge at her butt. So that means this had to involve her reproductive system in some way, meaning we're going to get a hybrid out of this! :>

You all are over here wondering what her children will look like and i am just over in the other corner wondering and worried if she herself is ok.
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
I really love the idea of a tentacle monster breaking into some pones house, like say Apogee or someone…
While the tentacle monster is all like "blehhh! >:]"
Apogee just starts drawing silly faces on all of different ends of each tentacle.
While the tentacle monster is at first like o_o?!
Each tentacle has a different face emotion drawn onto it causing each tentacle to have a different personality,
She lost interest in the tentacle monster tho, and didn't learn that you can actually control it by drawing different things on it…
mostly because she ran off to go play with her xenomorph "kitty".