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Hello! I’m doing a simple schoolgirl themed ych
Price is $15  
+$5 for nsfw edit  
-Can be any species  
-Female or feminine-bodied gender
-Please send a character ref  
-Simple background will be added to the finished piece  
-Unless you have an idea for it, I will choose the uniform colour scheme
-Only accepting Paypal  
-No refunds  
-Payment must be done first before I start working on the piece (I’ll send you an invoice)
Also this is slot-based. If you’re interested, do contact me~!
Slot 1 :  
Slot 2 :  
Slot 3 :  
Slot 4 :
suggestive170706 artist:dannykay456194 oc825477 anthro310875 ass66643 breasts336899 butt172404 butt grab3377 butt touch6093 clothes551293 commission94694 disembodied hand3417 female1583006 grope16582 hand10652 inconvenient tail21 miniskirt5353 open mouth193895 panties56918 pleated skirt4288 school uniform8308 shocked8750 sketch72211 skirt47369 skirt lift5134 socks80412 spanking3069 striped underwear3223 tail upskirt116 thigh highs47689 underwear69871 upskirt6621 your character here15567


not provided yet


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